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GHASPORA aims to attract investment & investors to Ghana, to augment Ghana’s Economic Policy & transform it to a value added one..!

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What we do

Our business portfolio comes in many folds, but at the moment we are focused on three main areas:

Waste Management

Ghaspora Group has taken a holistic approach to establish a sustainable waste management project in Ghana.

The first initiative of its kind is Plastic Recycling to be situated at Kwanyako near Kasoa in the Central Region of Ghana. A superb location for plastic recycling in Greater Accra, Central Region and its surrounding regions, under the ONE-DISTRICT-ONE-FACTORY (1D1F) initiative.


Agro-Processing is a project that has to be given the required support. Ghaspora has, under the 1D1F, stepped in to offer its expertise. We believe Ghana shouldn’t depend on only exporting raw material.

Currently, in the Asante Mampong District of the Ashanti Region is an initiative to start the first ever indigenous Cornflakes factory. Plans are at advanced stage, and very soon the timelines would come out.

Green Waterless Toilets

As a prelude to the United Nations Developmental Goals, Ghaspora Green Toilet initiative has been birthed.

We have one of the best green and Eco-friendly toilet initiatives ever pioneered under the sun – a toilet that does not smell nor uses water, but environmentally friendly. A toilet that is suitable for homes, hospitals, public use, educational institutions, among many others.


GHASPORA has realised that with careful planning, we could coordinate the immense resources within the Ghanaian diaspora to bring real development to Ghana.

…the door is opened for Ghanaians and non-Ghanaians who believe in value-added investment…

We are not satisfied with merely remitting billions of dollars to Ghana annually, we want to now start setting up industries and businesses to drive real development in Ghana.


Ghaspora’s Shareholders Scheme

How does one become a Shareholder?

Very simple, just let Ghaspora know your intent by contacting us via or clicking HERE to fill out a contact form.

I am not a Ghanain, am I allowed?

Although Ghaspora projects are in Ghana, no one is barred from becoming part of these great initiatives. The criteria is very simple and any human being with funds can join Ghaspora.

How much is a share?

Presently, a share is only €100,- and anyone, irrespective of ones religious, political, ethnic orientation, among many others, can become a shareholder of Ghaspora

When can one buy shares?

The first round of buying shares starts on 2nd April 2018 to 31st May 2018. After this round no more shares buying would be allowed. It may be possible for no more shares to be offered for sale. It is therefore imperative that, if you are interested, to buy all the shares you can buy.

How is the share like?

At the moment one can buy a share in Ghaspora as a business entity, or can buy a share in one or more of our business units. The business units at the moment are Agro-Processing (Cornflakes Factory), Waste Management (Plastic Recycling) and Green Waterless Toilets.

Our Blog

Ghaspora’s current news items covering many fields.


On Sunday April 1, 2018 individuals across every walk of life in Ghana and beyond, will be given a rare opportunity to become shareholders in a number of businesses and industries initiated by Germany based Ghana Diaspora Group (GHASPORA). GHASPORA which is officially...


Filth, extreme dirt is created by man. Indeed, filth is the by product of life. And it has become a threatening menace to mankind. The threatening impact of filth in the developing countries is more prevalent than in the developed countries because the latter have...


As a social enterprise, Ghaspora is born out of motivation and experience. It is not just how well we connect to the heart- beating people, whose narrative on poverty we seek to change. Raising the people from the squalor they live in, to helping them pick value...

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