As a social enterprise, Ghaspora is born out of motivation and experience. It is not just how well we connect to the heart- beating people, whose narrative on poverty we seek to change. Raising the people from the squalor they live in, to helping them pick value chains that are very profitable. Providing them the competitive advantage with a market linkage where they can sell the waste they collect and add value to the products they harvest. This will translate into preventing the local people from always stretching their hands for donations.

We employ highly competent employees who are certified and highly trained in various fields, and who understand the business and by large the industry, to fill in different positions that will be required by the company. The local people will
not only have the privilege to attractive salaries and welfare packages, but also enjoy conducive and environmentally safe working conditions.

On this note it is appropriate to reiterate the fact that Ghaspora generates revenue and makes enough profit to boost the bottom line and create a substantive business for growth and expansion. Strategically, after conducting a swot analysis of our enterprise, we have identified marketing, as a sole means of increasing awareness which will also translate into revenue for the good course of eradicating poverty.

Having the best customer care service we are confident we will last forever in the industry . As customer service base we have generated strategies which will focus on retaining a huge number of customers, while seeking out new ones daily to boost our bottom line.

Our customer service executives are well trained to positively project the image of our company and knowledgeable in regards to the company’s culture of dealing with our local clients , ranging from local garbage collectors and local farmers to manufacturing, food processing and packaging companies:

This vision has already given us the competitive edge we need against other competitors in the industry. This is why our company will continue to grow and become more lucrative. As such penetrating the target market and gaining a huge market share, hence remain in business for as long as we want. Long term employment opportunity is our forte.

By Christable Kofie